Attractions of our beatuyful holiday region Bled


We have selected a few attractions from the Bled region, which you must visit while you are visiting our beautiful holiday region.

Discover the magic of the lake that attracts travellers from near and far.






The legend about the origin of the lake

In the past, there was not water at the location of Lake Bled, but a meadow valley with a small hill and a rock, where mountain fairies danced at night. Shepherds grazed their sheep in the valley, which ate grass around the fairy rock. The fairies asked the shepherds to put a fence around their dance area, so that the grass would remain soft. The shepherds did not consider their request and one day, the youngest and most beautiful fairy broke her leg while dancing. The angry fairies called upon the springs and brooks to storm into the valley and fill it with water. Only the hill with the rock remained as an island in the middle of the lake, where fairies could dance in light starry nights. Although fairies left these places a long time ago, a beautiful fairy lake and an island below the mountains were left behind. This is Lake Bled.




- Rest on one of the benches and enjoy the view of the lake.
- Walk 6 kilometres around the lake or enjoy in a horse-drawn carriage ride.
- In summer, you swim or enjoy in other offered water sports on the lake.
- Ride to the island on pletna boat or rent a boat and paddle.
- Take photos of charming sunsets, pletna boats, the island with the church, castle and swans.
- The lake freezes in very cold winters, so you can skate or walk on lake surface (if the ice is deep enough and at your own risk).


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Explore the charming island, count the stairs and make a wish by pulling the wishing bell.





The most recognisable symbol of the island is the Church of the Mother of God on the lake with a long and diverse history. Amidst the greenery, you can explore interesting island buildings such as the bell tower, curacy and provost's house, small hermitage and some other mysterious legendary buildings.

The wishing bell is popular among the many visitors who come to the island. When they ring the bell, they recommend themselves to the Mother of God and express their wishes and requests for her to hear them.


The sexton's house is located at the south staircase. The sexton's house and the hermitage are now connected by a building that was constructed in the second half of the 20th century and was named "Potičnica" in 2012.


The source of a small spring can be found on the north shore, where a stone chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes has been carved in the slope since 1888.




- Walk up the stairs and stop at the historic chapel.
- Ring the wishing bell.
- Climb to the bell tower to enjoy in a beautiful view and see the mechanical oscillation clock in action. From there you can also see the wishing bell if you look towards the top  of the church.
- Try one or more types of traditional Slovenian potica cakes at Potičnica.
- Walk through the sales gallery and pick a souvenir.
- Walk along the path around the island.


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Discover the oldest castle in Slovenia and enjoy in the featured historical artefacts.




The castle was restored in the period from 1951 to 1961, whereas the Bled Castle Printing Works was integrated in the building for servants at the lower courtyard, and the castle wine cellar has also been added slightly higher. A 12-metre deep well was carved in rock in the lower courtyard, and the castle also hosts the tower gallery featuring monthly exhibitions, a memorial room dedicated to Arnold Rikli and a room dedicated to museums in Gorenjska, as well as the Castle Beehive with souvenirs also.


There is a museum in the upper courtyard, where you can delve deep into the distant past of Lake Bled, from the early excavations and the castle to the individual steps of its historical development, and see period-specific artefacts. The artefacts do not originate from Bled Castle, but are important for illustrating the residential culture in all the periods the castle has faced so far. A path leads from the upper courtyard to the castle chapel, smithy, souvenir shop and restaurant.


Many cultural events take place on the castle's courtyard, especially in warm months. Special attention is given to the Medieval Days when knights show visitors how people lived in the Middle Ages.




- Enjoy in the view of Bled Island, Bled and the Gorenjska region surrounded with high mountains.
- Take in the beautiful scenes of the picturesque castle architecture and the museum collection presenting the history of Bled, its culture and people.
- Learn about the traditional hand printing techniques at the Bled Castle Printing Works and print your own memorial document.
- Bottle your own wine and seal the bottle with wax in the castle cellar.
- See the wonderfully forged products at the castle smithy.
- Power up at the castle restaurant that offers an exceptional breath-taking view.
- See the well in the lower courtyard.
- View the current exhibition at the gallery.
- Visit the memorial room dedicated to Arnold Rikli, and the room dedicated to museums in Gorenjska.
- In summer months, visit the interesting medieval show.


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Experience the most unspoilt nature of Bled and enjoy in the unmissable scenery of the gorge.




Vintgar Gorge, carved by Radovna River, is located near Gorje, approximately 4 kilometres north-west from Bled. The 1.6-kilometre long gorge is carved amidst the glorious vertical walls of Hom and Boršt hills, and it is highlighted by the Radovna River and its waterfalls, pools and rapids. A study trail runs across the gorge and the wooden bridges as well as Žumer galleries, which ends with the mighty 13 metres high Šum river waterfall, one of the three river waterfalls in Slovenia. Vintgar Gorge is the nearest point to entering Triglav National Park from Bled.


Origin of the name according to one version, the name Vintgar originates from the German name Weingarten – according to the vineyards in the nearby Podhom; another story says that the name origins from the shape of the gorge, resembling a wine glass. Other similar gorges in Slovenia also got their names after Bled Vintgar, i.e. Iški vintgar, Ribniški vintgar in Srednja vas in Bohinj, and Bistriški vintgar near Slovenske Konjice.




- Walk through the gorge and admire waterfalls, pools, erosion pots and other masterpieces of nature.
- See the Šum Waterfall from the upper and lower panoramic platform.
- Admire the stone bridge of the Bohinj Railway and wait for the train.


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Climb Ojstrica and marvel at the natural beauty offered by the panoramic view.




You can climb this 611 metres high hill along the forest trail on the left side of Zaka Campsite. On the south side of Velika Zaka, follow the marked trail to the forest, where after a few minutes walk, you arrive to the wider path where you turn right. Follow the path to the small valley and follow the signs for Ojstrica to the right. Soon you climb to the peak and enjoy in the marvellous view.



Experience : 

- Climb Ojstrica hill and enjoy in the exceptional view. 
- Rest on the bench at the top and enjoy in the panoramic view of Lake Bled. 
- If you have already climbed Ojstrica, then start early and experience the sunset from the top.


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Spend a fun day at Straža.



The climb to Straža is not difficult, you can walk along a nice path, surrounded by spruces, oaks, linden trees and birches.
The hill is 646 metres high and suitable for a nice, easy walk and summer or winter activities. You can climb to Straža along the walking path or take the chair lift. You will not regret it, since Straža is the most beautiful viewpoint in Bled, overlooking the south-east shore of the lake and the entire Lake Bled, the castle, the Jelovica plateau and Stol mountain.




- Move your body along Bled Fitness Trail.
- Take a chair lift to the top and enjoy in the beautiful view from various viewpoints.
- Stop and view the monument dedicated to Arnold Rikli.
- In warmer months, have fun in the Adrenaline Park, ride the toboggan down the hill and enjoy in other adrenaline activities at the foothills of Straža.
- Listen to local stories in the Folk Fairytale Land.
- Ski on the slopes of the main Bled ski centre in snowy winters.


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